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So, it is official. The marathon season has been now extended until December 19. I am giving it another go, having already booked flights and hotel, and securing my bip number for the Pisa marathon.
I was so bummed I got sick on the week of the Athens Classic Marathon I just had to give it another go. Luckily we managed to find some dead cheap Ryanair tickets to Italy and so, Pisa here we come!

How do I feel about this extension to my marathon preparation? Well, feelings are mixed, I have to admit. It is getting more and more difficult every day to follow a marathon training schedule here in Oxford, as winter has already established its firm foothold.
Courtesy of Nenetus at
Courtesy of Nenetus at
It was minus two degrees Celsius here today and I was supposed to do one of my last long runs, a 25K. Did I do it? No, because I have a sore throat and after the Athens marathon fiasco, everytime I get even a slight hint of a cold, I just cool off and take it easy. I just don’t want to take any risks.
So, it is me at home today, together with my losenges and my lemsips. I am having a rest day and being busy by arranging my books in the white Ikea Billy bookcase that Colin just put up by the house entrance. Quite a project by itself that, I don’t think it is finishing anytime soon!
If I am feeling better by tomorrow I will go to the gym for a bit of interval training (8x1200m). The 25k is postponed till Monday. Hopefully the temperature might rise somewhat by then.
It is also getting dark earlier, and it is just so hard to motivate myself to go and run in the cold after it has gotten dark. I am finding it harder to wake up in the mornings, too. And I fall asleep ridiculously early, for me anyway.
You could say perhaps that my body is ready to go into hibernation mode. Luckily the days are passing fast, and I am sure that before we know it we will be ready to board that plane.
Let’s see what happens…

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6 thoughts on “Season not over yet

  1. Hang in there! Keep fighting…eeeeehhh running! Thnk of beautiflu Pisa when you run in the dark and dream of it when you sleep early at night! Pisa & Tuscany are awesome!!!! Take care!
    Antonios Pagkoutsos

  2. So, let's try Pisa! I saw in the webpage that you can be among the first women!
    We have common projects! Sick in october 17 and trying again in december 19! And jumping from cold to cold!
    Here in Barcelona, some mild weather, about the range 7-13 ºC. No excuses to scale up to 100 km this week (88 km the previous and 95 km the folowing one) and yes, today 31 km. I think I will able to try a sub3:10 easily. We'll see, but a sub3 on a track and beginning at 0:00 (night from 18th to 19) can be really demanding.

  3. Ι know, Daniel, I was quite impressed by the timing of our 'projects'! The weather in Barcelona is so much better though, I am envious! Today it was -3 C here, but I am not running because i have another slight cold! I need to buy a treadmill fairly soon! Anyway, would be cool if i am among the first ten or twenty women in Pisa, let's see! Keep me posted on your training! You are doing an amazing amount of mileage at the moment! Well done!

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