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My photography has been a bit rusty lately, a bit out of focus, I would say. No specific reason why, except that I have had so many things on my mind (not only pregnancy-, but also photography-related, including buying a new camera, which is probably a bit too late now for a pre-baby purchase).
But my beloved photography class has already had three meetings this season, we now have an ongoing project well …going (which means I’d better start carrying my good camera with me again to places!), and I have just completed the first assignment after a long long time!

The theme was along the lines of a ‘Costa coffee mug shot’, trying to recreate the soft blurring and differential focusing of a Costa coffee (or Waitrose) food photo shoot.
I just love homework that you get to relish aftewards, that Christmas orange tart was sooooo delicious (πάστα φλώρα, for my Greek friends!) – definitely an added incentive to getting the job done!
I used my relatively new macro lens for these few shots, I love that close-up effect, though I still haven’t gotten the hang of it and am finding it really tricky to focus sometimes (very stubborn lens that one is!).
But when it works, like in that fourth photo of the tart close-up details, I just love it!
So here are just a few samples from that sunny morning out at the Cowley Road Costa Coffee shop.

This one and the next as an example of differential focusing, #1 on the mug, #2 clearly on the Xmas treat!




_B303829 _B303831 _B303837 _B303875
This is what a macro lens can do for you, i.e. make you wanna take a dive into Xmas heaven!



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