End of 2016 XC season

An XC race at last! And so, I managed to run in two fixtures this year. What painful bliss.

I think I did a little bit better than the first race and even though it was not as muddy, it was significantly more hilly, with four hills to tackle, this time, albeit fairly short.

The setting behind the RAL Harwell Business park was part-countryside part-lunar landscape and really worked for me except from the last additional half-lap, which again no one knew we had to do, and we all geared up  for the finish way too early! So disheartening.

Note to self: Do check the race course map next time, it is all in there! Especially since the same happened to us before, inside the Horspath sports ground back in January!


photo 1577 was taken at 12:09:52Last cross country race of the season 2015-2016 was at RAL Harwell. Photo by Barry Cornelius.

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