Counting down days

 Just a few days before posting my Delphi photos, and as I was getting ready to run the Stratford marathon on the 8th of May 2011, I had the pregnancy test that confirmed what I had been half-suspecting since spending Easter in Athens.

I had even told my mother, half-jokingly to be fair, that I was under the impression my period was a bit late and what did that mean, did it mean that! The Stratford marathon was fast approaching and still no sign of my period.
Finally, all three pregnancy test that I took on the Saturday evening before the race, were positive! By then, all concern about the race had seriously dwindled! This was the real deal!
And anyway, do you run a race – a marathon or half-marathon, at that – one day after having found out that yes, you are definitely pregnant (and five weeks into it according to the digi kit!)? I guess if I had trained properly for it rather than rely on my previous fitness, which at that point was not in a bad place though, I might have faced more of a dilemma.
But as it were, I wasn’t. And that Stratford race was never meant to be.
Fast forward six months later. What a whirlwind few months these have been. A pregnancy, a wedding, a honeymoon, quite a bit of work, a bump that has been stubbornly getting bigger and bigger, a few fears and many joys. And a boy that will be arriving soon. Not too long to go now!
And no running since July. Do I miss it or do I miss it? What do you think?! Luckily, the counting down the days to motherhood, and then eventually to my return to action, has already begun!


A couple of weeks ago, Colin took this photo of me, my bump and my smiling Mum in the background.


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  1. Hi Daniel! We are very close to the finishing line now, just next week! Hope you are recovering well from the Athens marathon and setting new exciting goals (which I would love to hear about!)!!!

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