Each runner is a unique individual and so should be his training plan! My training schedules and sessions are fully customized and adaptable to meet the everyday needs and requirements of a busy runner’s life.

Here are what some runners have said after joining one of our group runs.

Andressa M. : I usually train on my own but always wanted to be part of a group. Luckily a phone call at work to a colleague ended up with an invitation to take part in the Oxford Brookes Lunchtime Running Group. The group is very welcoming and friendly. It is led by Natasha who is a very experienced runner. I’m the slowest runner in the group but I don’t feel bad as the sessions are designed for people with different paces. I would highly recommend staff to join this group, we always say how nice it is to give ourselves a break from work by going on a run.


Istvan Z.: I just wanted to say thank you for organizing the Wednesday running group. That we can get out every week and change the office desk for the outdoors, and that we have a dedicated trainer, Natasha, who guides and tracks our runs, offers feedback, and is fun, is one of the greatest perks of working at Brookes. All my friends at other companies whom I’ve told about the Brookes Active programmes were jealous of us, and rightly so.