Dawn and Charmian’s first Parkrun ever!

Dawn (right) and Charmian had never run before last summer. Εver. Ten months ago they joined our beginners’ running group at Oxford Brookes University and together we started on a Couch to 5K programme. In March they completed their first Parkrun ever at Cuttslowe park in Oxford and since then three more! We just love being out there, overcoming ourselves.

The long road back to fitness

Alex is eight weeks today and I find it hard to believe that in just eight weeks that little bundle has managed to take over our lives with such unrelenting force.
But he has and ecstatic as I am, there have been days when I have been struggling too. Saying goodbye to your previous life – forever – can be terrifying and in this case it needs to happen incredibly fast. And even though everyone says so and you have been warned in advance, it is impossible to fully prepare for its wide-reaching effects until you actually live through them.

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Fitness in pregnancy – Part II (+ 4 exercises)

A few more things I want to say about fitness in pregnancy, before I am through with this very unique period in every woman’s life (for the time being, anyway!).

Fit, lean and healthy
First of all, it pays immensely to enter pregnancy as fit as possible. I don’t care if you don’t run 10Ks in your second trimester, but you’d better be as strong, lean and healthy as possible when you are starting out.

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Fitness in pregnancy – Part 1

I have been thinking quite a lot about the past few months and how fast really they have whisked by. It is something that surprises me. I would say that I had higher expectations from myself during all this time, especially in terms of keeping fit and active and in shape.

I don’t want to beat up myself here at all, but somehow the whole fitness in pregnancy experience ended up being a bit different than I expected.

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