Visiting Delphi

While back in Greece for Easter, we were meant to go to the pretty Cycladic island of Andros to get our first rays of summer. But the weather was really bad that week – it was pouring with rain and cold and so we opted for the mountain instead. Colin had never been to Delphi and so that was it!
We stayed in a hotel closer to Kellaria, the Parnassos ski resort, and as soon as we got there the hotel owner said to us: “Are you here for the skiing?”! Turned out the ski resort was open, with fresh snow and about to host some races that weekend! Talk about summer approaching! Pity we did not have our ski gear with us, but just being there reminded me how much I love mountains!

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The travelling bug – Belgium

So we are now home in Oxford after spending 11 days on the road, in England, France, Belgium, Greece and back. I love the holidays!
We wanted to take our dog back home to Athens, so driving to Brussels (including crossing the Channel and spending a couple of nights in Belgium) was the most economical way to go about it. I always love this travelling option – 3rd time we’ve done it so far – there is something about small Flemish towns that I find particularly enticing.

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A message from Mara Yamauchi

Mara Yamauchi is not only one of the best British marathon runners (with a London Marathon victory under her belt) but the most distinguished alumna of the running club I have joined here in Oxford, the Headington Road Runners. She lives in Japan now, as she is married to Japanese national Shigetoshi Yamauchi.
Last night she sent us in the HRR mailbox a message from Japan and for Japan, which I would like to reproduce here in its entirety.

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Oxfam, Running and Japan

Wow. Sorry to start with an exclamation. But I can’t believe it’s been more than two months since I last wrote anything in my blog.

What happened is that I started working for the Oxfam Running Team, supporting runners who are running and fundraising for Oxfam. Supporting is a broad term and my work there is varied and ranges from writing weekly email newsletters to counting (!) and sending off running vests – and everything else in between.

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This is the time for resolutions

Yes, 2011 is finally upon us.
Another year of hopes, goals, experiences. For me, I think this is going to be a year of consolidation and venturing further into my new life with more self-confidence, after the life-changing decisions of 2010. Moving to Oxford to set up home with Colin was certainly one of the most challenging things I have ever done and I am so much happier and wiser for doing so!

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No Pisa no marathon

So, the Arctic winter in Europe meant I couldn’t run my Pisa marathon in the end.
We were never able to even leave England. We arrived in Stansted on Friday evening and went through passport control and security without any problems. And then we looked at the screens to find out our gate, only to discover that our Ryanair flight to Pisa had just been cancelled.

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Cramming for a marathon?

Do you remember the days when we were at school and we had a test the next day and of course we had to put in an all-nighter because we hadn’t prepared well enough during the whole semester? Fortunately I did not have to do many of these, I was one of the diligent ones, but those that I did were so traumatic that I will never forget them!
The fatigue, the stress, the overcaffeinated body… Not for me, thank you very much.

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What I learned from a skiing weekend in Passo Tonale, Italy

So (another) mini break from the marathon training was inevitable, as Colin had booked  for us ages ago (long before we even knew I would go for the Pisa marathon) a skiing weekend in Italy. A chance to meet up with good friends and have some fun (on the slopes though not without a bit of guilt for leaving my long runs behind). What can you do? Just enjoy!


Passo del Tonale

We are back in Oxford now and this is what I got back with me from lovely (and very cold!) Passo Tonale in the Dolomites.

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Season not over yet

So, it is official. The marathon season has been now extended until December 19. I am giving it another go, having already booked flights and hotel, and securing my bip number for the Pisa marathon.
I was so bummed I got sick on the week of the Athens Classic Marathon I just had to give it another go. Luckily we managed to find some dead cheap Ryanair tickets to Italy and so, Pisa here we come!

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