Sunlight in the wine

Sunlight in the Wine by Robert Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked up this book when on holiday in Andros last year. A summer later, having just come back from Greece (and feeling a bit homesick already), this was just the perfect reading for me. An Englishman’s personal account about life in a village up the valley (probably Menites?), which is full of interesting observations about Greek island life and its colorful characters.

I recognized many of the villager ‘types’ from my own experience, I brought back to mind some of the beautiful scenery of wind-ridden Andros, with its fertile inland (due to the many streams of course), beautiful captain’s houses and nice beaches.

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Highway and byways

Hauptweg Und Nebenwege: Erinnerungen Eines Kunstsammlers by Heinz Berggruen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An unexpectedly enjoyable read, which I now consider a must literary supplement for anyone who is even remotely interested in modern art.
I of course happened to be reading the English translation as I don’t speak German! And that one, by the Pilkington Press, is of exceptionally high printing quality, with nice and heavy glossy paper and excellent prints of the artworks, something that is rare to come by these days.

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Alcohol is free (we wish!)

This so Greek it makes me smile. Some hints of Balkan, some hints of the Mediterranean, a love of life and dance and alcohol! The bagmalamdaki rocks, and Agathonas’ moustache too! Good job guys!

The next chapter: Alex

It has been a hectic few weeks, to say the least.
With days passing by in a haze, sometimes even merging into one endless sequence of events. Or should I say, non-events, unless you consider as events the constant flux of baby feeding, burbing, nappy changing, putting baby to sleep, catching up on laundry etc. and then over and over and over again, until you drop! A groundhog day, really.

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The circle of life

Yesterday morning my mother called me from Athens with the news that her father had passed away peacefully in his sleep during the night. He was a dog’s hair away from living to 100, well taken care of and had a full life, spanning two wars, a civil conflict in Greece, exile – and even lived to see three great great grand children.

For the family, this has been a testing time, what with my beloved (and way younger) aunt also passing away just a few days after my wedding. This hurts so much that I can’t really write about it still. It was a wake up call in the middle of bliss for me (being on our honeymoon when I heard the news). Continue reading “The circle of life”

Photo project I

My photography has been a bit rusty lately, a bit out of focus, I would say. No specific reason why, except that I have had so many things on my mind (not only pregnancy-, but also photography-related, including buying a new camera, which is probably a bit too late now for a pre-baby purchase).
But my beloved photography class has already had three meetings this season, we now have an ongoing project well …going (which means I’d better start carrying my good camera with me again to places!), and I have just completed the first assignment after a long long time!

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Music for a hospital bag

So, the time has come to pack my hospital bag. Soon I will be heading to the JR, for the scheduled c-section, since baby is breech and that is what must be done now.

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