An easy run day

Easy run days differ depending on where you are at in your training phase and your level of fitness. Sometimes an easy run day means a no run day! These days an easy run day for me is a slow, really slow run of about 30 min long. A run where you can talk in paragraphs, as I like to say.

It gives my legs a chance to recover on the go, and mentally it means not having to push myself for a change. My legs are truly thankful a couple of days later!

I would say that as we grow older, our recovery runs should slow down more than the rest of our training. We simply need to have easier easy days if we are to recover better and cope with the demands of faster, foccussed training and everyday life.

Easy days are difficult to do if you are currently having a good run of demanding sessions. These might make you feel sort of invincible and instictively want to push the easy runs too. However, this is terribly wrong!

At Parkrun today. Tired but happy to just be there!
At Parkrun. Tired from a week’s training but happy to be there for an easy run with a friend.

The best way to do easy recovery days is to go run with a friend. Just enjoy the scenery and have a chat. It beats carrying a GPS and checking it all the time to make sure you are going as slow as required.

You will definitely feel better for it after only 30 minutes! Oh and post-run, don’t forget your stretches!



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