My name is Natasha Giannousi-Varney and I love everything about running. As coach, runner and sports writer, I approach endurance running from many aspects and can offer a holistic view to your training.



I am a running coach accredited by British Athletics. I currently organize lunchtime running groups for Oxford Brookes University, and Race for Life participants. Join me to kickstart your running goals. I also coach at my running club, Headington Road Runners.

I have been a competitive runner for the past 20 years. I have completed 12 marathons with a PB of 3.27.42 at the Athens Marathon, and countless other shorter races as well. My first ever attempt at running a marathon in 2001 was made into a sports documentary by director Angelike Contis, it’s appropriately called ‘Run Natasha run”.

I am a writer who runs, and a runner who coaches. I started working as a journalist in 1997 and I am currently a contributor at Greece’s Runner magazine.


Based in Oxford for the past 7 years, I am the devoted mama of two active preschoolers, Alexander and Anna Sophia, who recognize that “mummy runs” and already have their own running medals.

I love everything to do with running, especially how it can set your mind free. Being able to hit the kitchen at no major cost is not a bad thing either! Getting faster is possible, too, if that’s what you want!

My motto is: “Running for all”.

I would love to hear from you.


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