Riccardo Salvi: Runner and architect

I have met many great people through running and it is true that runners share a precious bond allowing them to transition from being total strangers to an age-old camaraderie in about two seconds!
But one of the most exciting runners I know I actually met not through running but through my day job. As a magazine editor working in a decoration magazine, a few years ago, the work of Riccardo Salvi came to my attention.

I don’t remember how we got in touch, but I think I first stumbled upon his work through magazine clippings from Italian deco magazines. I wanted to publish some of his projects. So, I sent him an email and though our correspondence it soon emerged that, apart from a genuine love and appreciation of design and architecture, we were both dedicated runners!

And so, an informal, occasional exchange of emails began, that were mostly focused on our running, rather than our professional accomplishments and even survived a drastic move across countries on my behalf.

Milan’s Triumph Runners

Riccardo is based in Milan and is a member of a small but growing running group called the Triumph Runners. Apart from running, they also love Triumph motorcycles! The Triumph Runners run together three times a week, while Riccardo tries to run everyday, because his goal is to run a half marathon in 1h30′ and a marathon in 3h30′. By the way they do not all have a Triumph motorbike, just a genuine admiration for them!

The official running kit of the Triumph Runners is eye-catching, just like the motorbikes that inspire them.

What running means to an architect

Until now at least the 5k is Riccardo’s favorite distance. As he points out it is not too short, not too long, and can be very fast. Sometime ago I asked him a few more questions about his running over there in the wonderful Italian capital of fashion and design.

What made you start running in the first place and how did it feel the first few times?

I started because I wanted to get thinner – as everybody – and I wanted to just move a little bit. I had a past as a good cyclist, but cycling takes a long time. So I started running. The first few times it was hard, but I did not push it, so I could run quite easily. Then I did my first race … and my new life started. Once you have a time to beat, it’s the beginning of a new story.

How do you combine architecture and running?

Architecture and running combine wonderfully, because running for me is discipline, will and pure joy without any picturesque aspects. Road running is my favourite because it does not take you away from the pure act of running. No landscape, no view, no mountains or sky or lakes. Just “running”. “Ornament is Crime” as Adolf Loos wrote in 1908.

What has been the best running moment for you so far?

At the moment my best running moment was finishing the Marrakech marathon! You certainly know what I mean! It was then that my new life as a tourist-runner started … and I also want to try a triathlon, a cross-country marathon, a trail marathon …

Riccardo is well on his way to achieving his inspiring running goals.

For more information on Riccardo’s architecture and design work, check the architectural office’s website: www.logica-architettura.it He is also more than willing to connect to other runners from around the world.


Riccardo running one of the legs of the Giro del Varasotto 2010.

At the architecturally significant Marrakech airport, after completing the tough local marathon.

And here are some samples of his work. This apartment he designed is just one of his many latest projects.

I love the idea of the two bedside tables standing side by side!

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